We offer two simple ways to switch.   
Purchase Finance Options .

You Receive the 30% Tax Credit along with Sunko 500.00 REBATE for Installing Solar  


“We don’t offer Leases or PPA because long term their not a good deal for property owners.”

No Money Down

 No Money Down and 5.49%rate over 12 years 

With this program you get Zero money down installation. You pay nothing to get started and your family will receive a San Diego Zoo Membership when using this program- we pay for it, we install it and we maintain it. You enjoy ownwership and protect yourself from future rate hikes. If you sell your home we simply transfer the agreement to the new homeowner. Simple right? 

property Taxes

No money Down and Finance through you property Taxes 

Purchasing a solar system of your own is a lot like making the switch from renting an apartment to owning your home. When you purchase a system you’ll stop renting power and put that money to work for you by paying off your power bill once and for all. Get started for no-money down, receive all the tax benefits, and lock-in a low monthly payment that never goes up- ever! Best of all you’ll know the exact date your monthly bill will end and it’s all free power from that point on.

Our Approach

Sunko’s mission is to empower property owners to use our greatest natural renewable resource.  Customers save thousands of dollars while making a difference today and for the future of our planet. Our goal is to provide a turn-key process turning solar energy into savings. At Sunko, we believe everyone should have access to the unlimited energy supply from our sun. We offer a variety of financing options to fit your budget and situation.


A Sun that never stops giving ..

Monthly Savings


Monthly Energy Bill Reduction


Savings after Solar is paid off


It depends on your electricity use and system size.

To get a rough idea of how much you could save, take a peek at some estimates for two houses with rooftop solar systems that offset electricity costs by 80% to 90%.


3-bedroom example

The biggest electricity costs of a house this size typically come from running the AC and laundry all the time. Installing a 3.75kW solar system would lower their electric bill significantly.

bill before solar

bill after solar

5-bedroom example

Having both a home office and a swimming pool can leave a household this size with a hefty monthly electric bill. Installing a 4kW solar system would bring down their bill quite a bit.

bill before solar

bill after solar

Sunko Solar is a full-service Solar Company. We Handle Everything From Start to Finish.

We break it down in 3 little steps ..


Energy evaluation

Energy evaluation 

We present all the facts. How much money are you currently spending on your electricity. How much money will you save if you go solar your first year. How much money will you save in 5, 10 and 20 years going solar. We both agree it makes sense to go green and go solar !

Engineering and Permitting

Engineering and Permitting

Your solar system is custom designed to your home and your energy needs. Our in-house engineers create a custom electrical diagram based on the physical measurements of a field site surveyor. Engineering plans are then sent to local jurisdictions for permitting approval and utility approval. After approval, we’ll schedule the installation with you.

Installation and Interconnection

Installation and Interconnection

Your custom system is installed by our in-house installation team using all top-tier solar equipment. Then we file all paperwork with your local utility and await permission to interconnect. After approval is given we turn your system on. You begin saving money and we start monitoring your system 24 hours per day .